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Thursday, June 1, 2023

How to send bug report or feedback to Microsoft

How to send bug report or feedback to Microsoft

 To provide feedback to Microsoft, you can follow these steps:

Use the Feedback Hub: The Feedback Hub is a built-in app on Windows 10 that allows you to provide feedback directly to Microsoft. Here's how to use it:

Press the Windows key on your keyboard and type "Feedback Hub."

Open the Feedback Hub app.

Click on "Feedback" and then select the appropriate category for your feedback, such as "Apps" or "Windows and Devices."

Click on "Add new feedback" and provide a concise title for your feedback.

In the "Details" section, explain your feedback in detail. Be specific and provide any relevant information or steps to reproduce the issue.

You can also attach screenshots or other files if necessary.

Optionally, you can select the severity and impact of the issue you're reporting.

Click on "Next" and review your feedback before submitting it.

Finally, click on "Submit" to send your feedback to Microsoft.

Microsoft Community: 

Visit the Microsoft Community website (https://answers.microsoft.com/) and browse or search for the appropriate category related to your feedback. You can post your feedback there and engage with other users and Microsoft experts who might provide assistance or insights.


 Microsoft also uses UserVoice, an online platform for collecting and prioritizing user feedback. You can visit the relevant UserVoice page for the product or service you want to provide feedback on. Search for the Microsoft UserVoice website and explore the available categories and suggestions. You can upvote existing suggestions or create a new one.

Social media:

 You can also reach out to Microsoft via their official social media channels, such as Twitter (@Microsoft) or Facebook (facebook.com/Microsoft). Send them a direct message or mention them in a public post to share your feedback.

Remember to be respectful, clear, and specific when providing feedback. The more detailed and constructive your feedback is, the better chance it has of being understood and addressed by Microsoft.

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