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Saturday, March 25, 2023

How to link aadhar and pancard online

How to link aadhar and pancard online 

 Linking Aadhaar and PAN has become a mandatory requirement for Indian citizens as per the government's guidelines. The linking process can be completed online in a few simple steps. This article will provide a detailed explanation of how to link Aadhaar and PAN card.

Before we begin with the linking process, let us first understand what Aadhaar and PAN cards are and their importance.

Aadhaar Card

Aadhaar is a 12-digit unique identification number issued by the Government of India. It contains demographic and biometric information of an individual, such as name, date of birth, gender, address, and fingerprints. Aadhaar is used to identify and authenticate the identity of an individual for various government schemes, services, and benefits. It is also used as proof of identity and address for opening bank accounts, obtaining passports, and obtaining other government services.

PAN Card

PAN (Permanent Account Number) is a unique 10-digit alphanumeric identifier issued by the Income Tax Department. It is used to track and identify all financial transactions made by an individual, including income tax payments, tax returns, and other financial transactions. PAN is mandatory for all individuals, including NRIs and foreign nationals, who have taxable income in India.

Why Link Aadhaar and PAN?

The government has made it mandatory to link Aadhaar and PAN to curb tax evasion and to ensure that all financial transactions are traceable. It is also an effort to eliminate duplicate and fake PAN cards. Linking Aadhaar and PAN will help in simplifying the tax filing process for individuals and reducing the chances of errors in the tax return. It will also help the government to identify and track taxpayers easily.

Before Online Process you can click on below link for Step-by-step guide:


Linking Aadhaar and PAN Online

The linking process can be done online in a few simple steps. Follow the below steps to link Aadhaar and PAN online:

Step 1: Visit the Income Tax e-filing portal at https://www.incometax.gov.in/

Step 2: On the left side of the page, under the "Quick Links" section, click on the "Link Aadhaar" option.

Step 3: Enter your PAN and Aadhaar number, name as per Aadhaar, and the captcha code.

Step 4: Click on the "Link Aadhaar" button.

Step 5: If the details entered by you match the details in the PAN and Aadhaar database, the linking will be successful.

Step 6: After successful linking, a confirmation message will be sent to your registered mobile number and email ID.

Linking Aadhaar and PAN Offline

If you do not have access to the internet or face any technical issues while linking online, you can link Aadhaar and PAN offline. Follow the below steps to link Aadhaar and PAN offline:

Step 1: Download the PAN-Aadhaar linking form from the Income Tax Department's website or collect it from the nearest PAN service center.

Step 2: Fill in the form with your PAN and Aadhaar number, name as per Aadhaar, and sign the form.

Step 3: Attach a self-attested copy of your Aadhaar card and PAN card with the form.

Step 4: Submit the form to the nearest PAN service center or NSDL e-governance.

Step 5: After verification of the details, the Aadhaar and PAN linking will be done.

Documents Required for Linking Aadhaar and PAN

To link Aadhaar and PAN, the following documents are required:

Aadhaar card

PAN card

Mobile number registered with Aadhaar

Email ID registered with Aadhaar

Internet connectivity (for online linking)

Points to Remember while Linking Aadhaar and PAN

The name on the Aadhaar card and PAN card must match.

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