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Friday, October 15, 2021

Multi Device Beta | Whatsapp New Update | Tech World Rahee

Multi Device Beta 

I would like to inform you for Whatsapp new update name " Multi Device Beta " Program,

In this program you can connect 4th of device once a time,

and you can check your Whatsapp SMS, video, audio, without connected your phone to internet,
Multi device Beta:
1. Frist one you have to join multi device beta, 2. After thant you can link your device to click on the link device, 3. Scan your device and enjoy multi device beta new feature of Whatsapp You can follow the step as per below video: in this update:
1. You can not track link device location,
2. You can not clear your chat history,
3. You can not create broadcast SMS

Step Guide:

Hope this news update useful to you.

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