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Friday, May 5, 2023

Best Uage of Marquee Syntex?

Best Uage of Marquee Syntex? 

The marquee syntax is a non-standard HTML element that was used to create a scrolling effect for text or images on a web page. It was introduced in Internet Explorer in the late 1990s and was supported by some other web browsers as well.

The marquee syntax can be used in HTML code with different attributes and values to customize the scrolling effect. Some of the common attributes used with the marquee syntax include:

direction: specifies the direction of the scrolling effect (left, right, up, or down)

scrollamount: specifies the speed of the scrolling effect

scrolldelay: specifies the delay time before the scrolling starts

behavior: specifies the behavior of the scrolling effect (slide, alternate, scroll, or swing)

The marquee syntax usage mention below:

Example 1: A simple scrolling text with default settings

<marquee>Example of scrolling text</marquee>

Example 2: A scrolling image with custom direction, speed, and delay

<marquee direction="up" scrollamount="3" scrolldelay="100">

    <img src="example.jpg" alt="Example image">


Example 3: A scrolling text with alternate behavior

<marquee behavior="alternate">Example of scrolling text</marquee>

Example 4: A scrolling text with slide behavior

<marquee behavior="slide">Example of scrolling text</marquee>

While the marquee syntax can still be used in some web browsers, it is no longer recommended due to its non-standard nature and the availability of alternative methods for creating scrolling effects in HTML and CSS. The use of marquee is discouraged because it can cause accessibility issues for people with visual or cognitive disabilities and can negatively affect the usability and readability of a web page.

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